Backup Power

Solar + Storage:Renewables Meets Resiliency

Because New Yorkers deserve peace of mind.
Backup power solutions is about being EmPowered with ultimate energy independence. Stored power means no matter what's going on with the grid, your energy needs are covered. As an authorized Tesla Energy installer and ConEd Sunverge partner, our mission is to provide our clients with the best combination of solar and battery backup power on the planet. 
SunPower by EmPower Solar installs Con Edison's Virtual Power Plant Sunverge battery and Tesla Energy's Powerwall.

Backup Solar Power Solutions

We're proud to be one of the few companies in our region to offer battery backup systems to compliment a solar panel installation. Not just any systems either, we power with TESLA to make sure your system is the safest, most innovative, and most efficient product on the market. 

We work directly with you to assess your needs and provide custom battery packages that range from powering essential appliances and a few lights to comfort appliances in multiple rooms. Batteries will instantly power your home when the lights go out and never require maintenance.

Virtual Power Plant

Con Edison and SunPower have teamed up to bring select New York City homeowners a special offer. Beginning this summer, homeowners in the Con Edison service area can get world record-setting SunPower® solar and back it up with resiliency services from a battery storage system for a low monthly price and zero upfront cost for qualified clients. Learn more.
SunPower by EmPower Solar installs Con Edison's Virtual Power Plant Sunverge battery and Tesla Energy's Powerwall

Daytime Power Supply
When the utility grid goes down during daylight hours, the daytime power supply (DPS) is a great way for homeowners with solar power systems to stay up. As long as there is sunshine being harvested by your home solar panels, the DPS will tell your solar inverter to redirect the energy generated to dedicated outlets. All you do is flip a switch.

Manual Transfer Switch
A MTS is an electrical switch that switches a load between two sources. It allows a homeowner to switch critical electrical loads to generator power during a power outage, and back to the grid when the power is restored.
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