United Way of Long Island

United Way of Long Island is a 501 (c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization dedicated toward advancing the common good through tangible and sustainable solutions designed to benefit an increasing population of Long Island residents in need of help.

United Way of Long Island

Solar Installation


United way understands the importance of sustainability and the essential role that solar technology plays in bringing clean and cost effective energy to communities on Long Island.

The organization sought the experienced help of Empower Solar in establishing a comprehensive solar installation package that could address the energy needs of their many properties.

EmPower has installed 15 solar electric systems for United Way, totaling 94 kW. As of April 2015, the systems have saved an estimated $66,360.

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  1. By working with Empower, United Way demonstrated green leadership within its communities and secured a lifetime of savings on their utility bills, continuing their role as one of Long Island’s most cost-efficient nonprofit organizations.
  2. United Way plans to use the savings brought on by solar to increase funding for continued development of their assistive programs on Long Island. ( Programs for improving education, income/financial stability and health on Long Island.)
  3. The success of the United Way Solar Package has inspired EmPower to extend the same attractive pricing to other nonprofits interested in experiencing immediate savings on their ever increasing electric bills.


TMBA is an engineering-driven firm. We were looking for a highly technical installation with a quality of support that would assure us that the system would produce value over an extended period of time. In our opinion, EmPower was the only bidder that really met that requirement. Ted Bier
President, TMBA
Commercial Client