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Clare Solar Installation

"The people at EmPower are great, and they know their stuff!" 

Jerry and his solar systemJerry Clare was ready to buy a new car.  All of the financials were in place when his wife suggested that they consider solar panels instead.  As someone who has always been involved with energy conservation, he decided to look into solar power.  After a few site visits and some research, he knew that it was the right decision.  The savings were obvious, and furthermore, the Clares saw it as an educational opportunity for their children.  It was a chance for his two sons “to be involved in something the average high school teenager isn’t involved with on Long Island.” 

Project OverviewAfter a fast turn-around for their permits, the Clares were able to turn on their system in record time.  They expect to see savings of over $2000 a year at the rate they are producing. 

The Clares found the SunPower online portal and monitoring system to be one of the most valuable parts of the system.  Jerry loves being able to watch the rain outside his office in New Jersey and see his panels producing energy on Long Island.  “Sometimes I call and have [my son] Patrick look at the meters to tell me they’re really moving.  It makes me happy.” 

Jerry recently gave us an update on his system. "With a number of months down in the history books - it is great to see the performance of this system - last month and this month I had a $5.19 bill for using LIPA infratructure and booked 63 and 100 KW hrs credit...It has been a great spring - even with the rain. I doubt anyone will believe the performance of the system."

“Everybody gets back to you.  Utilize them and ask them questions along the whole process.” 

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