Commercial Solar Power

World class engineering and installation delivered to your roof.

SunPower by EmPower Solar provides industry-leading commercial solar power systems for businesses, municipalities, non-profits, and educational institutions at a low cost with minimal disruption to existing operations. Let our Solar Experts handle the heavy lifting. Get started today.
A commercial solar energy system in Melville, NY
Estée Lauder - Melville, NY

Featured Solar Project:
HSRE Long Island

Harrison Street Real Estate's solar portfolio, completed in partnership with Engel Burman, spans New York City and Nassau County. The portfolio consists of three Bristal Assisted Living Communities and two self-storage facilities. As a leading real estate investment firm throughout the United States, HSRE commissioned the solar projects to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and controlling energy costs. Read the full case study here.

The Power to Choose.

A successful solar project is one that conforms to your financial and long-term energy goals. Different businesses have differing budgetary limitations and investment appetites. Identifying the right financial solution is the key to project success. We will work with you to find the optimal solar solution, and deliver the best financial savings and long-term energy reductions based on your preferences.
Direct Purchase
Purchasing a commercial solar system directly is the simplest and most financially beneficial way to go solar. A direct purchase is ideal for customers with available capital, a moderate investment appetite, and the ability to monetize tax incentives. Most important, a direct purchase provides for the greatest financial benefits over the lifetime of the system.
Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
A PPA is a zero-down financing option that is ideal for customers who lack tax liability or who have tighter budgetary constraints. Under a PPA, the solar system is owned, operated, and maintained by EmPower and our financing partners. The solar electricity is sold to you at a discounted, locked rate (the PPA price), guaranteeing savings from the moment the system is turned on. 
A commercial solar lease is a widely popular financing solution, providing a combination of excellent financial benefits and minimal capital outlay. You can go solar with just the cost of a monthly lease payment. This is ideal for those who are unable to take advantage of tax incentives, or would prefer to make payments over a longer term rather than make an up-front investment in solar.

SunPower by EmPower Solar is at the forefront of solar installation and design for non-profit entities on Long Island and in the New York City area. We work to identify creative solutions for non-profit solar installations and our primary interest is providing customers with outstanding financial opportunities. 

EmPower has worked with numerous non-profits, allowing these organizations to realize significant financial benefits over the lifetime of the solar energy system. In many situations, our non-profit customers have been able to display public leadership and environmental stewardship, while also seeing immediate savings with solar. By EmPowering non-profits, the organizations have been able to renovate religious facilities, provide additional services to disabled youth, and sustain programs while facing budget cuts.

Some of our non-profit projects include: AHRC Nassau, Family Residences and Essential Enterprises (FREE), Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock, Long Beach Catholic Regional School, Hewlett East Rockaway Jewish Center, and the Freeport Firehouse. We have also worked with several municipalities, including Town of Hempstead, Town of Smithtown, and Town of Huntington.


With a host of federal, state, and utility incentives available, investing in commercial solar is a savvy financial business decision.  Your business shouldn’t be at the mercy of the next electric bill. We can help you cut operating costs, lock in energy rates, and take a giant step toward energy independence. It’s time to take back control.

However, timing is everything. Take advantage of these lucrative benefits while they last.

Federal Investment Tax Credit
The key federal-level incentive for solar projects is the federal investment tax credit (ITC), whereby the system owner receives an investment tax credit in the amount of 30% of the total cost of the solar system. Assuming that the system owner can fully monetize the tax credit, this effectively reduces system costs by 30%. 

Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System (MACRS)
Solar systems qualify for a modified accelerated depreciation schedule whereby the system is depreciated over 5½ years. This allows system owners to recover project costs over a very short term, and makes solar power investments very attractive.

Utility Incentive - NYSERDA Rebate
The NYSERDA rebate program provides a "tiered" rebate. EmPower would access this rebate on your behalf, and reduce the PV system cost by the rebated amount. 
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