Savings Plans

Switch to a home solar power system for $0 down.
More savings now and more over time with SunPower solar panels. With our lease, loan, and purchase options, the choice is yours.

Discover the Power of Choice.

  • More savings now, more over time
  • The power to choose: finance, lease, purchase
  • Most powerful and durable solar panels on the planet
  • Industry-best combined power and product warranty
  • Award winning customer service
When you switch to clean, efficient SunPower solar energy, you lock in immediate and reliable savings. In fact, most of our clients save 30% or more on their electric bills from day one. 

Plus, with the industry's best available combined power and product warranty, and our award-winning service, you'll feel good about what and who is on your roof.

Solar Loan

$0 down
Start saving from day one
Own your solar system in 5, 10, or 15 years
Increase the resale value of your home

Solar Lease

$0 down
Start saving from day one
Pay 14 cents/kWh after tax credit *
Save over $20,000 over 20 years
Use tax credit to pay down lease
Increase the resale value of your home
Easily transferable to a new homeowner

Not sure what solar option is right for your home and curious of solar panel cost? Let the experts at SunPower serving Long Beach, NY explain Home Solar Installation!
Not sure what solar option is right for your home and curious of solar panel cost? Let the experts at SunPower serving Long Beach, NY explain Home Solar Installation!

...or purchase your solar power system and save on your own terms!

Watch our latest video in 
"The Power of Choice" series
to find out why smart consumers choose the SunPower solar lease!

Building solar ready.

Rebuild Right. Rebuild Resilient. Rebuild Solar Ready. 

Long Island residents were devastated when Super Storm Sandy ripped through their neighborhoods and destroyed their homes. Even years later, the rebuilding continues in our backyard communities. But this time, it's time to rebuild right, rebuild resilient, rebuild solar ready.

Giving Back to the Community

SunPower by EmPower Solar is committed to the community and our staff is dedicated to revitalization.  We joined forces with the Town of Hempstead, United Way-Long Island, and Hofstra University to host a Rebuild Right seminar. The panelists from each organization, in addition to Wright Flood, shared valuable information on new permit requirements, updated flood insurance regulations, building sustainable, efficient and sustainably homes, and decreasing personal energy consumption while increasing grid reliability with solar power. 

EmPower employees also teamed up with USGBC-LI in spring 2013 to assist the City of Long Beach in its rebuilding efforts. The volunteers spent weekends on beautification projects that included landscaping efforts; replanting flowers and shrubs that were destroyed by the storm.
Rebuilding for a Solar-Ready Home

Solar power guarantees a positive return on investment, provides a more reliable electric grid, and will generate clean energy for years to come. This is likely not a first concern when rebuilding after a storm, but it should be addressed from the first stages of building design. 

When working with an architect or builder, request that the roof is facing south at an optimal orientation (180 degrees, 30-degree pitch), obstructions like chimneys and vents are placed near one another, and leave maximum contiguous roof space for solar panels. For additional tips, click here to plan for a solar-ready home.

Commercial builders can also plan for solar. When considering roof surface, leaving ample space for panels, and consulting a solar expert in the design phase, building owners will maximize their energy production and monetary savings.

Investing in Backup Power

Superstorm Sandy, in addition to the Northeast blackout of 2003, highlighted the unreliable electric grid in New York. While this is an ongoing issue, SunPower by EmPower Solar is encouraging residents to mitigate their concerns with backup power. Batteries and generators pair harmoniously with solar power systems and provide peace of mind.
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