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Long Island and NYC Home Solar Installations 
Superior Technology. Maximum Savings. Exceptional Service.
10 years of experience.1,800 installations.
Hometown expertise. 
World-class solar panels. 
Simple process. 
Huge savings. 
Benefits of Going Solar

Going solar cuts costs, improves home value, gives homeowners control of their utility payments, and decreases carbon emissions. 

Not all solar is created equal. From your first appointment, to years after your system starts producing, we are dedicated to making sure you're taken care of at every step. 

We make switching to solar simple.

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Relax. Our in-house team handles everything from permitting to installation.
Enjoy 40 years of savings with your new SunPower solar system!
Control your Long Island home solar system from your computer or phone.
Superior Technology.
Ask for the SunPower Equinox system; the only all-in-one complete home solar system from panels to monitoring. 
SunPower’s leading technology holds the world record for panel efficiency on the market, delivering an incredible 60% more energy in the same space than conventional panels.
Backed by the industry’s best available 25-year warranty, SunPower continues to stand apart from the rest. Learn more.
Choose financing that makes the most sense for you. 
You can switch to solar for $0 down, and earn $5,000 in tax credits right away. New York City residents are qualified for a property tax abatement for up to 20%. Lease the system for a lower monthly payment, or you can pay with cash or a loan. 
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Runtime is 52-60 hours,
when charged with solar – the potential is limitless. 

24.6 kWh of stored energy.
A quiet, efficient, dependable source of backup energy.

Turns on automatically during an outage, applies programmed settings to power your pre-determined zones.
Want to explore other options for powering your home with solar? There are community solar programs popping up all over New York state. Learn more here. 

You can visit the community solar focused sister-company, Solar Ex at this web address:
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