SunPower Solar Lease

Go Solar for $0 Down

Go solar with the SunPower lease and start saving immediately. From day one, you can significantly reduce, or eliminate your electric bill, and simply pay a low monthly solar lease payment. 

No one knows what electricity payments will cost in 20 years, but with New Yorkers currently paying some of the highest rates in the nation, a solar lease is one of the best ways to fight against rising costs.


How the Process Works

1. Ask for a free site visit and sign on to save big with the solar lease. 

2. Sit back and relax while we design a customized solar energy system for your home, and submit all of permits and rebate applications on your behalf. 

3. Look up and admire the work as our talented group of installers place the world's most efficient panels on your roof. We're in and out in two to three days. 

4. Watch your electric bill take a nose dive as you harness the sun's rays to power your home. While we monitor your system for the full 20-year lease you can also go online and see the power you're producing each and every hour. 

5. Fall in love with your solar system savings and refer family and friends. You will earn $200 for each referral who goes solar with EmPower.


SunPower Solar Lease Benefits

  • Lease a solar electric system for $0 down and still receive the NYS tax incentive (up to $5,000)
  • Power your home with the world's most powerful solar panels
  • System maintenance and performance are guaranteed
  • Low monthly payments for the next 20 years
  • At lease-end, renew, purchase, or remove your solar system at no cost
  • Option to purchase at year seven
  • Lease is fully transferable if home is sold


TMBA is an engineering-driven firm. We were looking for a highly technical installation with a quality of support that would assure us that the system would produce value over an extended period of time. In our opinion, EmPower was the only bidder that really met that requirement. Ted Bier
President, TMBA
Commercial Client