Backup Power

Solar + Battery Power Solutions

We're proud to be one of the few companies in our region to offer battery backup systems to compliment a solar panel installation. Not just any systems either, we power with TESLA to make sure your system is the safest, most innovative, and most efficient product on the market. 

We work directly with you to assess your needs and provide custom battery packages that range from powering essential appliances and a few lights to comfort appliances in multiple rooms. Batteries will instantly power your home when the lights go out and never require maintenance.

Runtime is 52-60 hours,
when charged with solar – the potential is limitless. 
24.6 kWh of stored energy.
A quiet, efficient, dependable source of backup energy.
Turns on automatically during an outage, applies programmed settings to power your pre-determined zones.

The standard load could consist of:
Radiant heat
10 LED Lights
Fridge / Freezer
Mobile Charger
Laptop + Modem
SunPower by EmPower Solar installs Con Edison's Virtual Power Plant Sunverge battery and Tesla Energy's Powerwall

With over 10 years of backup power experience, SunPower by EmPower Solar works directly with our clients to assess energy needs and provide battery solutions that range from powering “critical loads” including standard appliances and a few lights to comfort-level appliances in multiple rooms.
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