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Tesla Powerwall Battery Backup

Power, Uninterrupted

Tesla’s sleek, compact Powerwall home battery backup system offers independence from the utility grid in Westchester and on Long Island. Combine the Powerwall with a home solar system to ensure complete emergency preparedness.

Home Battery Backup

Reliable Home Battery Storage + Solar Backup Power

We’ve partnered with Tesla to bring you the safest, most efficient battery backup system on the market. Designed to work with your solar system, the Tesla Powerwall stores the electricity generated by your solar panel for the times you really need it, bringing you one step closer to energy independence.

What Is a Tesla Solar Battery?

Tesla solar batteries, commonly known as the Tesla Powerwall, are rechargeable lithium-ion batteries designed for small-scale home energy usage. As a lithium-ion battery, the Powerwall has a significantly higher energy density than lead batteries, meaning it can store and discharge more energy to power more appliances for longer. The Powerwall also has a superior depth of discharge to lead batteries and are more efficient, meaning more of the energy stored can actually be used.

How Do Tesla Batteries Pair with Your Home Solar System?

When the sun is out, your home’s solar system collects that solar energy, which it then uses to directly power your home. If you don’t have immediate energy needs matching the amount of energy stored, that excess energy can be saved in your Tesla home battery for later use instead of sending it back to the power grid.

In the event of a power outage,  your Powerwall will automatically detect the outage, disconnect from the grid, and restore power to your home, ensuring complete emergency preparedness and reliability during blackout restoration efforts. Your connected loads continue to run without interruption, and your system will continue its normal generation to replenish energy storage during daylight hours.

One Powerwall can provide 13.5 kWh per charge and can power large appliances for a short period of time or small appliances for a long period of time. With active monitoring and sunshine after a blackout event, a Powerwall can keep your essential loads powered for a week or more. Energy storage levels can be monitored from the Tesla app in real-time so you can shed and adjust loads depending on energy available.

Curious about the cost of a Powerwall? Check out our home battery backup planning and pricing guide!

What Happens During an Outage if I Don’t Have a Tesla Backup Battery Paired with my Solar System?

When the power goes out in your home, the solar panels will stop working and automatically disconnect from the grid to maintain the safety of the utility workers attempting to restore power. Once the power is restored, your system will continue production after a few minutes.

If it is important for you to maintain power during a blackout, we recommend adding one or more Tesla Powerwall home batteries to your system.

How Many Tesla Solar Batteries Do I Need?

Like solar panels, the number of Tesla Powerwall home batteries that you will need will depend on your home’s needs and usage. While one Tesla battery is sufficient to cover your basic energy needs, we generally recommend two or three battery back up systems to provide the best comfort and value.

Where Will a Tesla Backup Battery Be Placed?

A certified installer from Tesla can mount a Tesla Powerwall on any wall, usually outside of your house or inside of your garage.

How Much Does a Tesla Solar Battery Cost?

Curious about the cost of a Powerwall? Check out our home battery backup planning and pricing guide!

Will a Tesla Solar Battery Backup Save Me Money?

Yes! By adding a Tesla solar battery backup system to your home, you can potentially save money on your power bill. Since the Tesla Powerwall charges with your solar panel system, having a solar battery backup can help you achieve greater savings.

Emergency Preparedness

Planning for Storm Season

During hurricanes and extreme weather events, backup energy storage is critical, especially on Long Island and in New York City. A large part of dealing with storm risks is proper planning to ensure that our homes remain powered. When paired with solar, the solar battery backup continues recharging with sunlight and can provide power indefinitely until the grid is restored.

Smart Savings

PSEG Storage Rebate for Long Island Homeowners

Claim a rebate of up to $6,250 on your Tesla Powerwall system. Interested in adding a Tesla Powerwall to your solar system? Contact us today.

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Battery vs. Generators

Eliminating Noise + Emissions

Combining solar with battery backup is a game-changer, particularly come storm season. By storing extra energy captured from the sun, you are still able to power essential appliances in the event of an outage while reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future. Solar backup batteries are also an excellent alternative to noisy, fuel-burning generators and provide backup power during emergency situations where there may be gas shortages.

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