30,000 to 500,000 solar installations on Long Island - EmPower Solar

30,000 to 500,000 solar installations on Long Island


This week we celebrate Long Island’s 30,000th solar installation with the Donnellan family of Long Beach, NY, whose SunPower by EmPower Solar system was just installed. We should take a moment – just a moment – to celebrate. This is a major achievement. When we first started in 2003, solar was an exotic novelty. Today, it’s seen as the solution to lowering and controlling energy bills, and Long Island is considered a national leader.

Our success to date is a result first and foremost because of our incredible clients. But significant credit is due to enormous commitment from LIPA and now PSEG Long Island to incentivize going solar, and safely integrate renewable with the grid. It’s easy to take the electric utility grid for granted, but it is highly complicated infrastructure that delivers incredible reliability and service.

SunPower by EmPower Solar is proud to have collaborated with LIPA, PSEG Long Island, the NYS PSC and many other solar industry partners to work through the countless issues and hurdles over the years. We are all driven beyond business interests to make our common home a better, healthier and more prosperous place.

That’s why we can’t indulge in the moment too long; there’s much work to do. Governor Cuomo set a goal to achieve 50% renewables in New York State by 2030, and we’re ready to make it a reality. But how? Integrating solar and wind – intermittent energy sources – with the grid at this level requires a paradigm change in system architecture, regulations, technologies and business models. This requires creative thinking, strategic planning and entrepreneurship both from small and ascendant private sector companies, such as SunPower by EmPower Solar, the utilities, and policy makers.

We’re going to get there, together. And it’s an incredibly exciting time. In 2003, we were happy to cover 50% of a home’s electric load. Today with SunPower high efficiency panels, Tesla Energy Powerwall batteries, air source heat pumps, LED lights, and electric cars, we can cover 100% of a family’s energy needs – all with solar! Plus the system is ready to supply energy if there is a blackout.

On to the next 470,000!

David G. Schieren, CEO

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