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4 Ways Going Solar Changes Your Life


1. Financial Benefits

Receive a return on Investment sooner rather than later.

The simple way to think of it is this: the more power you make on your roof, the less energy you have to buy from your utility company.

Solar customers are also eligible for Solar Investment Tax Credit. This federal income tax credit allows taxpayers to take a “dollar-for-dollar” reduction income taxes owed equal to 30% of the basis that is invested in your SunPower system.

In the long run, you may also be increasing your property value when you install solar.

2. Clean Energy

Your house becomes more than a home; it becomes a mini renewable power plant.

By tapping into the abundant, clean energy of the sun, you are helping to sustain the environment that needs to support everyday life.

SunPowerⓇ MaxeonⓇ solar cells are streamlined panels with a low profile, and without grid-lines. An architect and builder favorite, SunPower panels are designed with all-black solar cells and anti-reflective glass.

The panels superior performance boasts 60% more production than any other conventional panel during the first 25 years. ​​​​​​

3. Performance Monitoring

Through big data, and analytics you can monitor your system on an app on your phone:

You can watch every kilowatt (kWh) produced and used on just about any device. This includes viewing the peaks and valleys of usage throughout different times of the day, your electricity bill savings, and how much CO₂ you’re avoiding.

4. Set an Example

Choosing SunPower is a means of representing your involvement in a sustainable future.

When you retell your journey about going solar, you can also talk about how 100% of SunPower direct current (DC) solar panels meet Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver standards. That means that not only are you producing renewable energy, but you are also producing that energy with solar panels manufactured with reusable or recyclable materials through a sustainable process. That’s a life-cycle you can be proud of.

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