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7 Steps to Solar

Congratulations if you’ve recently decided to harness the energy of the sun. If you’re not sure yet, but you want to know more about what the process of going solar looks like, this guide is for you.

Installing a rooftop home solar system consists of seven steps. Here’s a quick guide of what to expect:

1. Sign your solar contract: Within a few days of signing your sales contract, we will call you to schedule a home site audit. We are SunPower-certified contractors who design and install SunPower® solar systems.

2. Home site audit: The installation contractor will come to your home and examine your roof and service panel to gather technical inputs needed.

3. Design review: A few weeks after the site audit, you will receive a detailed design layout document to review andapprove. We will build your system based off of these specifications, so review it carefully before approving it. If you belong to an HOA, we will help you prepare the documents you need to submit for approval.

4. Permits filed: Once the design for your solar system is approved, we will obtain the appropriate construction permits from your local jurisdiction. Depending on the jurisdiction’s permitting process, this can take a few weeks.

5. Installation: We will contact you to set up an installation time based on your schedule and will let you know what to expect during the installation process.

6. Inspection: When the installation is finished, we will arrange for the necessary inspections from your local jurisdiction and/or your utility provider. These inspections are typically completed within one week of the installation. Once inspections are complete, your utility will grant Permission to Operate (PTO) within a few weeks.

7. System activation: Once your utility gives the OK to operate, your system is ready to be turned on. To make sure you have everything you need and are familiar with how your new solar system operates, we will do an in-person system walk-through with you and get you set up on the monitoring portal so you can track the energy your solar system is making. While every solar project is different, the average time from signing your contract to generating power for your home is two to four months.

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