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750 kw of Residential Solar Rebates Obligated in just 11 Minutes

As was mentioned in the previous post, LIPA made rebates of $1.75/watt available for 750kW of Residential Solar for the rest of 2010 as part of the Solar Pioneer Program. Rebate applications were accepted beginning at 8:00am on October 1, 2010, and were fully subscribed 11 minutes later, at 8:11am! Contractors across Long Island waited at their computers to press “send” right at 8, and those applications that were received first will be processed in the coming weeks and months. All other rebate applications will have to wait until January 1, when the 2011 Solar Pioneer Program will re-start.

It may seem as though solar on Long Island is doomed for the rest of the year. But we at EmPower see it as quite the opposite. Just for reference: it used to take almost a whole year for 750kW to go, and now it’s going in less than a quarter of an hour! This is great news for the clean energy industry. Demand is high, which means Long Island is on its way to achieving energy independence, reduced energy costs, and a cleaner, greener environment. We are excited to continue working with LIPA in 2011 and beyond to further these goals. In the mean time, feel free to contact us as we are still doing site visits and proposals, and stay tuned for an announcement regarding the 2011 Solar Pioneer Program rebate details.

Important note: LIPA rebates are still available for commercial and non-profit projects.

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