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Avoid Rising Utility Costs, Forever

Long Island and New York City residents have seen extremely high energy bills this winter. PSEG’s rates increased by 7%, while ConEd’s prices shot up 20% this year.

Long Beach resident Marion Greenberg saw a 47% increase in her bill from $325 to $650 despite mindful energy use. She lamented, “I’ve never seen anything like this, I don’t know where they’re getting the power from that it costs so much, another continent?”

This intense winter cold has dramatically increased homeowners’ demand for energy, driving the utility prices up. Natural gas, which is used by PSEG and ConEd, is not only a financially expensive option, but also effects human and environmental health, especially with hydraulic fracturing extraction (or “fracking”).

If you haven’t considered solar, this is the perfect time. Installing solar panels on your roof will stabilize your electricity costs right away and protect you against increasing utility charges in the future.

Solar was once considered a luxury. But now, it’s commonly used to dramatically reduce and eliminate electric bills. Solar provides reliable, clean energy, and now it’s at a highly competitive rate.

Instead of pulling natural gas energy from another state (or another continent), with solar you can create your own energy on your own rooftop and save money. Now that’s sounds like the type of control homeowners want!

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