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Breaking News: LIPA Solar Rebate Change & Rate Increases

The LIPA residential solar rebate is suspended as of Sept. 1 because of surging demand.

While many homeowners looking to go solar may be alarmed by this news, there is always a way to see the glass half full.

Solar is a great investment even without a utility rebate. Solar is a clean energy source that will help you control the high cost of energy and reduce your environmental footprint while creating a more prosperous, healthy and civil world.

New Yorkers are still eligible for a 25% state tax incentive (up to $5,000) and a 30% federal tax incentive, which is higher with the LIPA rebate suspension.

The future of the LIPA rebate is currently unknown, but the future for solar is bright.

Electric rates will rise for the second time this summer — a season that already boasts higher demand due to air condition usage. In July alone, four days in the month were among the highest electrical usage in LIPA’s 15-year history, according to a recent Newsday article.

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