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Mar 24, 2020

Solar Panel Maintenance

You made the investment of installing a solar panel system on your home or business, but now you’re unsure of what to do to maintain your system. How can you make sure your solar system...
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Mar 09, 2020

Solar Panel Efficiency & ROI

Before making the switch to solar energy, we’re often asked about the efficiency of our solar panels. Solar panel efficiency (also known as a solar panel’s “conversion rate”), indicates how much sunlight your panels are...
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Sep 08, 2015

EmPower Solar

Forces Driving Solar Growth

Last weekend's Wall Street Journal Opinion piece "Big Solar's Subsidy Bubble" portrays solar companies as 'dubious' and pulling 'schemes' to 'cash in' on taxpayer dollars. We respectfully disagree. The Solyndra case rightfully criticized by the...
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