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Electric Vehicle Charging and National Drive Electric Week

EmPower Solar’s EV charging stations are up and running just in time for National Drive Electric week! After receiving such a positive response for the past three years, National Plug-In Day has been expanded to a week-long celebration of electric vehicles (EVs). This year’s events will even include some cities abroad in Italy, Canada, and the Netherlands.

Solar and EVs go hand-in-hand as our economy transitions away from fossil-fuels. When building owners choose solar power, they’re reducing their dependence on the grid, which generates power by burning oil, coal, or natural gas. Similarly, when drivers charge their cars at stations powered by the sun, they’re avoiding gasoline and the grid. Whenever EV owners charge up their car, they’re reducing our country’s gasoline consumption and avoiding rising gas prices; a win for the economy, and a win for their wallets!

National Drive Electric Week runs from September 15th – 21st. The goal of National Drive Electric Week is to introduce even more drivers to electric vehicles by allowing them to experience the technology first-hand. The event is run by Plug In America, the Sierra Club, and the Electric Auto Association, with locally-organized celebrations happening across the country. EmPower Solar will be at Long Island’s event on Saturday, September 20th at the Town of Babylon Town Hall in Lindenhurst.

Historically, National Plug In Day has resulted in an immediate boost of EV sales in October, after thousands of drivers have the opportunity to test drive an EV. And just this past Wednesday, national EV sales reached a new record by passing the quarter-million mark. Some of the most popular electric vehicles on the market include the classic Nissan Leaf, the new BMW i3, the groundbreaking Tesla series, and EmPower’s vehicle-of-choice: the Chevy Volt.

To charge our own fleet of nine EVs with the sun, EmPower has installed four EV charging stations at the new Solar Design Center. The EV chargers are also open to visitors to the Solar Design Center; just stop inside, introduce yourself, and ask to borrow a charge card. EmPower has installed solar carports with EV charging at NYIT Old Westbury, NYIT Central Islip, and at a Town of Huntington parking garage as well.

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