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Electrify Your Life – Energy Efficiency


Going solar doesn’t just mean switching energy sources, it means electrifying your life and unlocking a world of possibilities for your home. It starts with being efficient and includes heating and cooling systems, geothermal technology, electric vehicle charging, and even smart home technology. We encourage you to take steps to ELECTRIFY Your Life with the Sun and convert to a 100% renewable energy lifestyle.

Solar Assessment or Energy Audit – What comes first?

It’s the age-old question; should I go solar first or should I complete energy efficiency upgrades? For years, the two have been pitted against each other, even NYS financing programs forced homeowners to choose one or the other. The truth is; they are complimentary and can be done in tandem to ensure maximum home performance.

Most homeowners interested in going solar have a goal to eliminate 100% of their electric bill. With high-efficiency SunPower Panels, a 100% offset is often possible but sometimes there is more energy demand than there is roof space. It may not appear possible at first to be 100% solar powered, but after a bit of discovery, we find they can reduce their energy bills by making their homes tighter through weatherization, sealing, insulation as well as upgrading to a more efficient heating and cooling system.

Why the first step to “electrifying your life” should be energy efficiency

There is a lot that a Long Island home can do to improve their home’s performance and transition to a 100% renewable energy lifestyle. One of the most important steps is making sure you have an efficient foundation to start with. There’s not much sense in investing in the latest and greatest heating and cooling system if you’re losing most of that air through hollow walls. Also, how will you power your electric car if you have solar energy credits flying out of a drafty window?

Homes that should explore energy efficiency upgrades

All homes should take advantage of the NYS free energy audit, but certain applications are particularly in need:

  • Homes with high heating and cooling bills
  • Homes with uncomfortable drafts
  • Older homes
  • Homes with no or little insulation

An ideal home for solar

About 60% of homes on Long Island are viable for solar panels. Here are some key indicators about what makes a home eligible for solar panels;

  • Home with high electric bill (over $100)
  • Homes with little to no trees or roof shading
  • Homeowners who are considering electric heating systems
  • Homeowners who are considering electric cars

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