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Elon Musk’s Big News and Our Takeaways


The solar roof announced by Elon Musk is an exciting product.  Despite the litany of past failed efforts in merging two systems – roofing and photovoltaic – into one, we are hopeful that Tesla, a long term partner of ours, will be successful.

Here are some key takeaways for our clients asking about availability of the solar roof today;

  • Product is targeted for new construction buildings only
  • Product has not yet begun manufacturing; estimated availability 2nd half 2017
  • Product specifications: unknown
  • Efficiency: unknown
  • Warranty: unknown
  • Cell manufacturer: unknown
  • Product cost: unknown
  • Ways to finance or lease the roof: unknown
  • Regional or channel availability: unknown
  • Efficiency of past solar roofing products has been at only a fraction of conventional panels; meaning, you need much more roof space to be able to produce the same amount of energy.
  • Solar cell efficiency goes down with increased heat because of increased electrical resistance.  Since there will be no airflow to cool down the cells, Telsa estimates a 2% efficiency loss just due to increased heat. That means the solar roof will have a 2% reduction on whatever the same solar cell efficiency would be if placed in a panel and mounted several inches above the roof.

What we know about SunPower Panels; the best technology available today

  • SunPower panels are currently the world’s most powerful available for consumers at over 21% efficiency.
  • SunPower 360 watt panels deliver an incredible 20.5 watts per square foot.  Non-SunPower panels often have ratings in the 200’s and need more roof space to produce the same amount of power.
  • More power per square foot enables us to deliver you more power and more savings now and over time.
  • SunPower solar cells have a fundamentally different architecture, with solid copper foundation and ultra pure silicon, resulting in high performance and durability
  • SunPower has a proven track record, with over 30 years in the business
  • SunPower panels have the industry’s leading warranty
  • The entire SunPower Equinox system panel-inverter-racking system is integrated and designed to work together for the long-term
  • SunPower already works great for existing roofs AND new construction

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