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EmPower Installs more than 1 MW of Solar Power!

EmPower broke the 1 megawatt mark!

Since 2006, EmPower has installed a cumulative 1,001 kW [1000 kW = 1 MW] of solar energy systems. Thus far these systems have produced an estimated 742,134 kWh and reduced CO2 emissions by an estimated 1.14 million lbs. These systems will continue to produce energy for at least 25 more years, so we expect energy savings and environmental benefits to grow.

Today we commissioned a 10 kW system in Plainview, NY which launched us past 1 MW. Some details on that system – it is roof mounted, comprised of 47 SunPower-215 Watt panels, has a 25-year panel warranty, is estimated to produce 11,855 kWh annually, and has an expected simple payback of 5.7 years. In the first year, the system’s electric production is valued at $2,549 and over 30 years the aggregated electric production is estimated to be worth $127,622.

Over the past 4 years, we have witnessed a dramatic drop in prices . In 2006, systems cost around $8.00/watt. The 10 kW system we commissioned today cost only $5.92/watt. Our clients are seeing payback periods in the 5 to 7 year range, and significant lifetime energy savings. While prices are dropping, so are the direct LIPA rebates, so the return on investment is staying relatively constant despite declining prices. This trend is expected to continue.

Last week a 30 kW system was commissioned at the Smithtown Municipal Services Facility (pictured above) in Smithtown, NY. This was a big step in reaching the 1 MW mark. Residential and commercial-size solar installations will both be key to EmPower’s next megawatt!

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