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EmPower Sponsors “Greening Your Place of Worship” Workshop

On September 23, 2010, the Long Island Interfaith Environment Network (LIIEN) and Abundant Communities Together (ACT) held a very successful 4th annual “Greening Your Place of Worship” workshop. Over 100 people from different faiths joined together to talk about techniques to save energy and reduce the environmental impacts of their places of worship.

EmPower has already installed solar electric systems on the Hewlett East Rockaway Jewish Center and Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock. As a sponsor of this event, we strongly support helping religious institutions achieve their energy goals.

Aside from talks by utilities and energy providers on renewables and efficiency, other lecture topics included the importance of insulation, white and green planted roofs, power purchase agreements, and bottle-less water coolers.

Overall the workshop provided for an important exchange of ideas and touched on the moral importance of taking environmental action ” both for the benefit of people in our communities and for the global environment.

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