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“EmPower” Yourself

People try to convince Sal that if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. However, Sal reassures them that it is that good; solar really is a “no brainer.” This is not the Sal you might have read about in our case studies, but his cousin, Sal Agricola. EmPower was excited to install a system at the Agricolas because it is one of the few solar systems in Lynbrook. The Architectural Review Board was intrigued when Sal and Ramona came to explain their system. After asking many questions about solar, Sal recalls, “Then they got into it [and asked], do you have any business cards?”

The Agricolas are incredible solar advocates. They knew they were hooked on solar when Ramona started creating solar slogans. Here is her great motto that holds a very powerful message:

Save a tree, recycle paper.

Save the planet, recycle energy!

Be a part of the solution, become independent.

“EmPower” yourself.

We can only hope their messages will inspire other residents in Lynbrook to install solar. Look for a full case study coming soon.

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