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7 Reasons to Fall in Love with Solar

Valentine’s Day is usually reserved for celebrating relationships. But this year, as inflation causes prices to increase and the high price of home heating oil and gas is causing bills to go up, there is no better time to fall in love with solar. Home solar panel installation can help reduce bills and improve your energy resiliency month after month. 

Check out the top seven reasons why we’re celebrating solar energy this Valentine’s Day:

1. Going solar lowers your bills

When you complete solar panel installation at your  home, you are able to reduce your monthly electric bills from day one. Solar owners can participate in a program called net metering, where unused energy is sent back to the grid and credited to your account. Because of net metering, many solar owners are able to reduce their monthly bills to only $20, which is the required grid connection fee. We estimate that over the course of your system’s 25+ year lifetime, you can save as much as $100,000 on electricity bills.

2. Solar reduces your carbon footprint

Solar can help you become more energy independent because you are no longer relying on traditional fuel sources like oil and gas. Instead, you are harnessing the power of the sun and reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released by your home. One solar panel has the power to offset as much CO2 as 10 mature trees

3. Solar increases the value of your home

According to a study from Zillow, rooftop solar can increase the value of your home by up to 4%. Solar panels are viewed as a home upgrade, like an updated kitchen or brand new flooring. The median home price on Long Island is $634,000, and solar can add an additional $26,000 to your asking price. 

4. Solar helps you be storm-ready

When you pair a home solar system with a battery backup system, like a Tesla Powerwall, you can be ready for extreme weather at any time. The Tesla Powerwall will store any unused energy your system generates to be used during a power outage. In the event of a blackout, your Powerwall will automatically disconnect from the grid and begin using stored energy. Your appliance will continue to run without interruption, and your battery will recharge during regular daylight hours. 

5. Solar can power your car

Switching from a traditional gasoline-powered car to an electric vehicle will help you save on fuel costs, but you still need to charge the battery of your new car. The best way to maximize these savings is by pairing a home EV charger with solar panels. Gasoline in New York State currently hovers around $4/gallon, and it costs the average driver around $1,825/year to fuel their car. When you charge an EV with home solar, it costs around $360/year. 

6. There are solar solutions for everyone

Not every household is right for home solar. For example, renters or people whose homes are too shaded may not fit the criteria. Community solar allows people to subscribe to an off-site solar project and offset their bills with renewable energy. Community solar programs are generally free to enroll in and allow subscribers to save roughly 10% on their electric bills.

7. You can take advantage of different incentives

Now really is the best time to go solar. There are a number of different incentives and rebates homeowners can take advantage of to help offset the initial costs of going solar. The federal investment tax credit, or ITC, allows homeowners to receive 30% on their federal taxes. New York State also offers a rebate of up to $5,000, and solar systems are also exempt from NYS sales tax. By combining available rebates, some homeowners are able to reduce the cost of their system by 50%.

Fall in love with solar today

You can schedule a complimentary solar assessment with one of our solar experts today and discover how much money you could be saving each month with solar. Book an appointment today and find out what energy resiliency looks like for you this Valentine’s Day.

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