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How Does Solar Help Control Rising Costs

Gray single family house in Long Island with solar panels installed on the roof. Solar can help control rising costs, especially energy costs.

If your energy bills have reached such shocking heights that you thought there was a mistake, you’re not alone. Energy prices have skyrocketed in recent months, and show no signs of stopping. Consumers across the country are feeling the effects when filling up their car or paying their home electric bill.

Luckily, there is a money-saving alternative. Though your house will still need to be connected to the grid, solar systems can help you significantly save on your electric bill. There are also a number of rebates and incentives available to homeowners right now that can help offset 50% or more of the system’s cost. 

Here are a few other ways solar helps keep costs down. 

The Cost of Solar is Fixed

Once you buy your panels, you will never have to pay for them again. The cost of installing panels may even be totally covered by the different rebates and incentives currently being offered by the local, state, and federal governments.

Typically, the cost of installing a system is between $10,000 and $25,000, depending on the number of panels installed. For $0 down you can benefit from immediate savings on your electric bill. You can expect to save upwards of $100,000 over the life of your solar system.

Solar Provides a Strong Return on Investment

Solar is one of the best home improvements you can make. It will not only help you save on your electric bill right away, but solar also provide a short payback period, so you can see a quick return on your investment. When purchased with cash, a solar system will pay for itself in just 4-7 years. A homeowner who finances or leases their system can expect to see savings immediately and throughout the lifetime of their system.

Additionally, homeowners can bank credits during summer months, when the sun is stronger and the days are longer. When your system is less productive during the winter, these credits can be used.

Solar + Backup Batteries Provide Resilience and Savings

Summer brings storms, which increasingly bring blackouts across Long Island. These blackouts can last anywhere from minutes to hours to days. You can avoid being left in the dark and reduce your reliance on the grid by installing a Tesla Powerwall. The backup battery stores excess energy produced by your system and can detect when there is a blackout in your home. 

As many Long Islanders saw during Hurricane Sandy and major weather events since then, traditional gasoline-powered generators are not always the best solution for powering your home during emergencies. When gasoline is in high demand with limited supply, the price skyrockets. As gas prices continue to rise, this makes gas-powered generators a less than optimal solution. 

SunPower’s Powerful Warranty

EmPower Solar exclusively installs SunPower panels, and they lead the industry with the most comprehensive warranty on the market. They cover your system for its entire lifetime. SunPower’s panels are also highly efficient. They guarantee that by year 25, your panels will produce 92% of expected energy output. In the unlikely event you end up having an issue with your system, all labor associated with servicing your system is covered under SunPower’s generous warranty.

Adding a solar + battery system to your home can help you decrease your reliance on traditional energy and avoid rising costs. Contact us at EmPower Solar today to receive a customized solution for your home.

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