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Is Solar Worth It On Long Island?

It’s no secret that Long Island has some of the highest electrical costs in the Northeast. We’re reminded of this each time energy rates increase. What many don’t realize is that Long Island receives some of the best sun exposure in New York State. This makes it prime real estate for solar energy and its associated savings.

Electric Bill Savings + Incentives

Part of what makes living in our region so expensive is the high cost of utilities. Although the initial cost of solar installation can seem daunting, there are many financial incentives available to those who install solar systems. Because clean energy is an ongoing priority of the government, any Long Island homeowner who decides to install solar panels receives rebates from both the federal and state government. Additionally, there are a variety of financing options available for solar energy. Over the life of your system, it will end up paying for itself, making solar a wise investment in both the short and long run.

Increased Property Value

A question that we are asked frequently is “do solar panels increase the value of your home?” The answer is a resounding yes! According to recent research completed by Zillow, leading real estate marketplace, potential homeowners are willing to pay extra for home improvements, including energy upgrades. In New York, those looking to buy a new home will pay a 3.6% premium for a home with solar panels.  That’s around $11,000 for the median-value home. Potential buyers are looking for a great investment, and a house on Long Island equipped with solar panels is an excellent one!

Solar Energy + Storm Resilience: Keeping the Lights On

Throughout the year, many Long Island residents experience outages due to storms. This often results in fridges full of spoiled food, damage to electronics due to power surges, lack of heating/cooling, medical equipment failure, and more. The power grid is always vulnerable during inclement weather. Grid failure will leave many without electricity and everyday comforts and necessities. However, having a solar plus battery system affords homeowners the opportunity to maintain power during an outage. A backup  battery system offers automatic restoration, utilizing your stored energy as the grid is restored.

Why Solar Is Worth It on Long Island

Switching to solar energy is worth it on Long Island. Both for the financial and environmental benefits, and also for the resiliency it offers. 

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