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Keep The Solar Decathlon On The National Mall

It was recently announced that the US Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon competition would be moved at the last minute from the National Mall in Washington DC to a different location that has yet to be announced. Since 2002, four Solar Decathlons have been held on the Mall, and the 2011 teams have been planning for over a year to compete at the venue. See the January 14 New York Times Article for more background information.

As leaders of the Solar Decathlon Alumni Association (SDAA), we are supporting the student led initiative to keep the competition on the Mall. We are also directly requesting support from our political representatives. The current participants are doing an incredible job at generating support. For example, Senator Menendez of New Jersey has issued a press release in support of this effort.

We believe that the Solar Decathlon competition is vital to the success of clean energy in the United States and all over the world. It is our position that the National Mall is essential to the competition’s value and prestige. Students and sponsors from the US and international teams are inspired to compete in such an historic location. The Solar Decathlon is about inspiring students – the leaders of the next generation, faculty – the educators of future leaders, and entire university communities to embrace renewable energy.

As a former decathletes and a member of the Solar Decathlon Alumni Association, we know first-hand the influence and deep impact of the competition. Having it at the Mall, the most prominent location in our country, the “front-lawn” of the United States of America, is instrumental to its success.

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David Schieren, CEO

2005 Solar Decathlon NYIT/USMMA Team Leader, 2007 Advisor.

Gregory Sachs, COO

2005 Solar Decathlon NYIT/USMMA Lead Engineer, 2007 Advisor

Matthew Mathosian, Commercial Project Manager

2007 Solar Decathlon NYIT Lead Architect, 2011 CUNY Advisor

EmPower is the lead sponsor and solar advisor of the 2011 Solar Decathlon CUNY Team

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