Lido Beach Student Shines as Solar Summer Intern - EmPower Solar

Lido Beach Student Shines as Solar Summer Intern

One of our favorite things about being a part of the EmPower Solar team is that we get to work with our neighbors and help our home communities on Long Island and New York City. This summer, we were also fortunate to have one of our Lido Beach neighbors join us as an intern.

Jackie Bokor joined EmPower Solar this July to support our Sales, Sales Operations, and Marketing teams. She has used her background in environmental studies to create SketchUp models, conduct market research, and facilitate solar proposal generation.

“I didn’t really know much about [solar] until I started working with EmPower,” she said, “I was more focused on other environmental issues. But coming to EmPower Solar and then having that outward focus, I noticed that a lot of people are putting [solar] on their homes. I definitely think that the popularity is increasing.”

She even discovered that her neighbors, the Bernstein Family, were in the process of going solar with EmPower this spring. Jackie had been close to the Bernstein Family for years, and even babysat Tyler and Jamie when they were younger.

“Our neighbor across the street got panels early on, and it seemed like a good idea,” said Bill Bernstein. The Bernstein Family was introduced to EmPower through Bill’s friend and neighbor, who also happened to be his middle school gym teacher. “He was talking about the service and the deals he’d gotten from EmPower, and that’s when I gave you guys a call.”

Bill and Jodi spoke with a Sales Representative and learned that the leasing option would be best for them. “We did the leasing program as opposed to the buying program, mainly because we didn’t have that kind of cash to lay out all at once. Although we knew we might not save quite as much by leasing rather than buying, as long as we’re saving anything with no out-of-pocket expense, why not?”

They began the process early in the spring, and were installed in March 2014. “What’s nice is that the gentleman who came over, he broke everything down for us as far as how much we would save every year, what would happen from week to week when the installation was ready to be done,” said Jodi, “He was just really, really efficient and very professional.”

With only a few months with solar on their roof, they are already seeing the benefits. “There’s no question that our bills have gone down,” said Bill, “Any savings is good savings, you know. That was really our approach to it.”

“It’s a no brainer,” Jodi added. “It doesn’t cost anything, you’re doing something better for the environment, and you’re saving yourself money in the long run.”

Bill and Jodi are happy that their solar is not only saving them money, but also demonstrating the importance of resource conservation to their children. And now, their neighbors a few doors down are going solar with EmPower, too.

Jackie is glad to have spent the summer helping fellow Long Islanders go solar, and has learned a lot about the industry. “It’s been a really great experience working here and being able to help my neighbors,” she said. “Being at EmPower has reinforced my passion for renewable energy and strengthened my support of solar. I didn’t realize there was such an expanding market for solar and growing career opportunities.”

It’s been great having you here at EmPower, Jackie! All the best for your studies back at Binghamton University.

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