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Like Her Father, this Daughter Likes the Sun

What’s a better way to spend your college winter break than shadowing your dad at work? That’s the mindset that Erin Connolly had when teaming up with her father, Tom Connolly, a Sales Professional at our new Solar Design Center in Island Park.

Erin is a Public Relations and Communications student at Wake Forest University. After hearing about solar from her father, and living in a solar-powered home herself, it seemed like a natural fit to apply her studies to solar. During her time at EmPower Solar, she created guidelines for our staff to enhance its social media presence, drafted website and social media content, and learned the ins and outs of what’s current with solar.

“One thing that surprised me was how many homes have solar on Long Island – it’s pretty impressive! I didn’t realize just how many installations EmPower had,” she says.

The Connolly Family has had solar on their home since 2010, and knows the benefits of solar first-hand.

“Solar is still pretty fresh, and PR helps us define exactly what impact solar is having for families. Creating a relateable dynamic helps make solar meaningful and real. From a marketing perspective, promoting solar on social media helps to make it approachable to everybody,” says Erin.

Not only did Erin enjoy becoming a part of the EmPower family during her break, she loved coming in every morning and making the drive with her dad.

After seeing all of the Chevy Volts lined up at the Solar Design Center and taking one out for a test drive with her dad, Erin looks forward to working in a future where entire lifestyles are powered by the sun. She believes that “electric cars could be a big opportunity- it’s definitely trending that way, because eventually we are going to run out of fossil fuels.”

Erin believes that Long Island’s gas stations provides a foundation for a new, electric vehicle charging station paradigm. It sounds to us like Erin is on to something!

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