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Ramping Up Recruiting for Post-COVID Return


We knew early in 2019 that 2020 would be a record year for EmPower Solar. Demand was higher than ever for our solar and battery installations, and we made investments and improvements across the company to serve even more homeowners and businesses across our region.

As is always the case with the “solar coaster,” you never know when the next external shock will hit. For everyone, that came mid-March in the form of a global pandemic, putting everything on pause. With our crews unable to install solar systems, and a slow down across the board, EmPower Solar made the tough decision to furlough nearly 75% of our workforce in the middle of the strongest growth period in our 15-year history.

Two months later, we begin to plan for our ability to reopen and resume solar installations safely. Chief Executive Officer, David Schieren serves as Vice President of NYSEIA and has been active in coordinating industry discussions with elected officials and state leaders to forge a path forward that allows for continued solar deployment in a way that ensures the protection of all clients and employees.

We polled our clients about their willingness to welcome solar installation professionals to their property and the sentiment among them was clear—most people are eager to get their solar panel systems installed as soon as possible as they hope to catch at least some spring and summer sunshine to build up energy credits. Out of over 110 responses, almost 90% of clients surveyed said they would be very comfortable with crews working outside the home. When it came to crews working inside the home, 56% were very comfortable, 33% were moderately comfortable and 11% were more uncomfortable with anyone working inside at this time.

In addition to missing high production days during this time of year, clients also reported concerns of missing out on tax credits for the year, changing utility programs, and running into expired loan approvals. One client commented “We are keen to get our solar project done but the safety of all involved is most important. So long as everyone observes the appropriate guidelines that ensure safety for EmPower Solar and our family we are totally supportive.”

In order for us to catch up on lost time, EmPower Solar aims to hire 20 additional employees. Our goal is to onboard, orient, and train employees to be up and running for when we are green lighted to resume operations.

Open positions are:

  • Senior Solar Installation Professional
  • Solar Installation Professional
  • Marketing Manager
  • Social + Digital Marketing Coordinator

As a recognized regional leader in solar and battery storage, we seek to bring on talented individuals dedicated to our mission to deploy clean energy and help lead the way in energy project development, engineering, installation and operations in New York State. The driving purpose that motivates us every day is to power our entire economy with solar energy resulting in a cleaner, more prosperous world. Each individual team member lives by the EmPowering Way: professionalism, teamwork, commitment to clean energy, excellence, and client focus.

We invite experienced professionals to join us in this major growth phase, and we encourage talented individuals to apply today to join our team. We have more work to do than ever before and we cannot do it without additional dedicated team members like you!

Candidates interested in joining the team can explore job opportunities and find application instructions here.

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