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Save Money This Summer with Solar

A waterfront house on Long Island has solar panels on the roof to generate clean energy.

It’s officially summer here in New York. To many New Yorkers, that means lots of beautiful beach days, tasty backyard barbecues, and increased energy bills. Summer bills are typically higher than usual, due to a number of factors including increased air conditioner usage. Since this summer is expected to be hotter than ever, many can expect to receive exceptionally high bills. 

Summer vacations are also expected to be a lot more expensive this year, no matter if you’re flying or driving to your destination. Planning a staycation instead might help with travel costs. With energy prices being as high as they are, you can expect to see your electric bill reflect your choice to stay home. 

You can save money this summer with solar, and the good news is that solar is more affordable than ever. Right now, there is a Federal Solar Investment Credit that offers homeowners the opportunity to deduct 26% of the cost of their system from their federal taxes. In 2023, that tax credit is scheduled to decrease to 22% . This means there’s no better time to make the switch to solar. 

Here a few ways adding a solar system to your house can help you avoid overspending on electricity:

Decreases energy costs

When you add a solar system to your house, you can avoid high energy costs. Even with your air conditioner running non stop. You can expect to see instant savings from day one, and over the 25-year lifetime of the system, you can save an estimated $100,000. Even better, the cost of solar is fixed. Once you install your system, you will never have to pay more. 

Increases resiliency

Summer also brings severe weather that can knock power lines out for hours, days, or weeks. When you add a Tesla Powerwall Battery Backup system, you are able to keep your home powered even in the case of blackout, meaning no interruptions and no fridges or freezers full of spoiled food. While many homeowners have traditional gasoline-powered generators, they are not the best solution when gas is in short supply or  prices continue to climb. You can avoid constant refueling and associated costs with the Tesla Powerwall. It will continue to charge with solar energy, meaning you never have to worry about losing power. 

Helps you avoid gas prices

Gas prices have been climbing for a few months, and show no sign of slowing down. EmPower Solar can help you pair a home electric vehicle charging station with your solar system to maximize savings. Those who make the switch from a traditional gas fueled car to an EV can expect to see over $1,000 in savings per year. 

EV’s have come a long way. The most efficient EV, the 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition R all-wheel drive, can go up to 520 miles in between charges. There are even incentives for installing an EV charger. When you electrify your life with an EV, you empower yourself to save big time on gas for your car. Maybe you can take that big road trip after all!


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