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Solar and The Clean Power Plan

This month, the Obama Administration and the EPA announced the final rule of the Clean Power Plan which aims to take real action towards reducing carbon pollution linked to climate change and global health. This historic ruling targets the reduction of carbon specifically from plants and sets specific goals for each state in the nation. With a push for clean power, the Plan incentivizes states to take part in other energy options such a solar and wind.

Why is this important? Carbon dioxide alone makes up 82% of United States green house gas emissions, which is directly linked to long lasting harm on human and environmental health.

Based on the new guidelines, States have a few options to help make an impact and reduce carbon emissions ranging from using natural gas, renewable energy sources, nuclear energy or create new regulations for carbon pricing. The Clean Power Plan asks for state submittal of a plan by 2016 and aims for carbon emission cuts as early as 2022 so we can reach a collective national goal of 32% reduction by 2030.

President Obama’s plan leaves vast room for expansion in the solar industry. “A report from GTM Research predicts 55 gigawatts of solar will be installed globally in 2015, which is 36 percent more than 2014’s installations.” For a frame of reference, 1 gigawatt of solar is the equivalent to about 700,000-750,000 average sized home solar systems.

“In today’s marketplace the best compliance option for states and utilities is clearly solar,” said Sean Gallagher, vice president of state affairs for the Solar Energy Industries Association. “It can be deployed quickly, cost-effectively, reliably, and at any scale from small rooftops to large solar power plants.”

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