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Solar Supplies During Power Outages

Power outages are a major inconvenience, and can even pose a serious danger. Families that rely on medical equipment need consistent electricity to power their devices, and homes in need of an electrical upgrade can be hazardous during power repairs. All of us rely on electricity to power our lights, appliances, and heating and cooling units, and the loss of these conveniences can set us back for weeks at a time.

One way to ensure your power doesn’t go out is to make the switch to solar with backup power. Two new technologies allow you to continue powering your home during outages: daytime power supply inverters, and solar battery backup systems. Daytime power supply inverters are EmPower’s standard technology as of this year, and battery backup systems are becoming increasingly popular. Both technologies can help homeowners use their solar power despite the state of utility power.

Typically, the electricity created by solar panels interacts with the grid ” that’s how homes benefit from net metering and receive money back for excess energy they produce. Historically, however, this also meant that when the power went out, solar had to be disconnected as well, so that there were no live wires when workers were doing grid repairs. Daytime power supply inverters bypass this issue by redirecting energy directly from solar panels into designated outlets in the home. As the name implies, these inverters work during the day when the sun is out, and this critical supply gives families time to charge important emergency devices, such as cell phones, flashlights, and computers. Being able to get in touch with family and repair services can be crucial during emergencies and outages.

Solar battery backup systems allow homeowners to store energy and utilize it during grid outages. Backup systems are sized to provide whatever load the homeowner needs – whether that means just a few outlets to power a fridge and electric heater, or keep an electric vehicle charged and an entire section of a home operational. This flexibility gives homeowners the peace of mind to choose how they will face the next power outage.

After Superstorm Sandy, EmPower staff were able to utilize battery backup systems that were recharged daily from solar systems for basic needs and to charge electric vehicles. It was not just a luxury to be able to function after the storm, but a necessity to be able to service our clients. To hear from an empowered home with battery back-up or daytime power supply, give us a call and we can connect you with one of our clients.

One of solar power’s major advantages is the power to create your own electricity. Daytime power supply inverters and battery backup systems ensure a reliable power supply, and give families the confidence that they can weather a storm a stay safe in their homes.

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