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Solar Works in the Rain

We often get questions about solar panels’ ability to produce electricity in the rain. Many people are concerned that Long Island winters and springs see more rain than sun and cause them to stop producing electricity. Although overcast skies decrease the amount of electricity produced, that does not mean the system doesn’t produce at all. We recently received an update from one of our clients expressing surprise that he is still banking hours, even though this spring was cloudy. Read his update below or find his whole story in our case studies.

“With a number of months down in the history books – it is great to see the performance of this system – last month and this month I had a $5.19 bill for using LIPA infrastructure and booked 63 and 100 KW hrs credit. It has been a great spring – even with the rain. I doubt anyone will believe the performance of the system – even with the rain we had. Also I am running a upright freezer and a dehumidifier in the cellar 24/7. So it is on its own amazing.”

Thanks Jerry and keep us updated!


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