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Stressed? It’s time to unwind with help from the sun

You’re late to work. There’s traffic on the parkway. One child is home sick. The other is waiting for a college acceptance letter. Your spouse is working late, again. The shirt you need for tomorrow is still sitting in the laundry basket.

There are so many reason Americans are stressed, and lately I’ve been reading about it a lot.

While mental health experts and bloggers continually tout prioritization, reorganization, and simply letting the small things go, I think the key is tackling problems head on to avoid them in the future.

What should be no surprise is that money, or its absence, is a huge stressor. And yes, most bills are like taxes. There will always be some you have to pay (at least for the next 20 years).

The good news: some bills can be cut dramatically including, wait for it, your electric bill.

Most homeowners just accept that an electric bill will arrive each month and they’ll have to pay this ever-increasing cost. I’m delighted to tell you, they’re wrong.

Now, thanks to utility, state, and federal rebates, as well as a solar lease, homeowners can significantly reduce or eliminate their electric bill with solar power.

“What? Use the sun to power my home,” you may ask.

Absolutely! And this can be accomplished with little to no money out of pocket so you can start saving immediately.

Are you intrigued? Have a bunch of questions? That’s great! Simply call or email us to connect with our solar experts and find out how solar can save you money, and reduce stress.

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