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Thanks, Trees! Happy Arbor Day 

Today is Arbor Day! We love trees and all the things they do soak up rainwater, create shadows and shade, provide habitat for birds and animals, turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, and grow leaves, flowers, and fruits to eat and enjoy.

With all of the things that trees do for us, it can be difficult for us to advise a homeowner take down or trim a tree to go solar. If shading will prevent someone from seeing a high-performing solar system that meets or exceeds expectations, we can’t recommend they go solar in good faith.

It can be hard to tell from the ground if a home is good for solar for example, many homes that receive a lot of sun or heat through the windows might have shading up on the roof.

Here’s a few ways to look at your home and see how trees may impact your roof:

  1. Take a look at your home on Google Maps, Bing Maps, or Google Earth. These websites can give you a satellite view of your home and roof.
  2. Check for any trees, and where they’re located in relation to your home. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, trees will create shadows north of their canopies that travel from east to west. So, a tree to the south of your home will create a shadow along your roof throughout the day. However, a tree to the north of your home will create a shadow even further north, and not cause shading on your roof. Trees to the east and west can get a little tricky, depending on how far away they are from your roof or how tall they’ve grown (or will grow). Distance can also affect whether a tree’s shadow will cause significant solar shading. If you’re unsure, it would be a great time to call a professional for an opinion.

We do our best to help clients replant trees that must be taken down and make recommendations to trim before chopping. For more information about tree trimming and replanting on Long Island, visit our landscaping partner, Kev’s Tree Services.

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