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The Solar Lease is Here!

In a historic move, LIPA just gave companies approval to offer the solar lease to customers, and EmPower Solar “the No. 1 solar installation company in LIPA territory” is ready.

The lease allows customers to immediately reduce or eliminate their electric bill and pay a simple solar payment that is up to 50 percent lower than their current fee. And, with a 20 year warranty offered by SunPower, the solar panel manufacturer, customers are guaranteed to save big.

The solar lease is a unique product. A third party financing company owns the system, uses the rebates and tax incentives to purchase the system and subsequently offers a low-cost monthly payment to homeowners. EmPower’s lease partner is SunPower Corporation, the same company that manufactures the panels.

While the solar lease is new to Long Island, it has become an extremely popular choice for residents in California””the first state to approve the solar loan. According to a recent Forbes article, “How Solar is Democratizing Solar for the 99%”, nearly two-thirds of solar customers opted to lease their system in 2011.

Similarly, EmPower Solar has also seen a significant amount of customers go solar with the lease in New York City, where this financing option was made available earlier this year.

With the lease in LIPA territory, you can look forward to reducing or eliminating your $200+ electric bill and immediately roll into monthly savings of $100 or more with the program’s low monthly payments. With an average residential system, you will save over $1,000 a year.

Additional benefits include:

  • 25% tax credit of $5,000, paid out over multiple years
  • 20-year SunPower production guarantee
  • The most powerful panels on the planet

With the elimination (or extensive reduction) of their electric bill, this will results in huge savings for homeowners.

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