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Turn Tax Return into Solar Savings

Filing taxes is a time consuming annoyance, but thankfully, April 15 has come and gone! Now here’s the fun part — what will you do with the extra cash?

With the average American receiving $3,000 back from the federal government and 61% saying they plan to save or invest their funds, the best of both worlds is to go solar.

Solar power for your home is both a great way to save, even immediately, and invest in your future and your home. In addition to dramatically reducing your electric bills, solar increases the value of your home.

Solar is also a great way to expect an even better tax return next year as the federal government will pay for 30% of your system, while New York State will cover 25% capped at $5,000. And, you’re eligible for the state tax credit even if you choose to go solar with the lease and start saving immediately!

If you haven’t yet, it’s also the perfect time to ensure you’re getting all of the money you deserve. Since 2010, $760 million is owed to 918,600 people, and it’s estimated that number could top a billion dollars in 2013. In New York alone, there are 57,400 who are owed money.

However, don’t feel bad if this wasn’t the year of the return for you as you can still go solar with our zero-down financing options.

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