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Bring Solar + Battery to Your Home

We’ve partnered with several hospitals across Nassau County to help Long Islanders explore the power of solar energy + back up battery technology. Get started today!


Getting Started

Providing unrivaled service and technology for maximum savings, we’ve empowered thousands of LI + NYC homeowners make the switch to clean, renewable energy with solar plus battery.

For your safety, and the safety of our employees, we’ve transitioned to fully virtual solar consultations. Schedule one today using code HOMESOLAR for a $750 rebate on your installation.

Next Steps

1. Contact
Provide us with some information so we can best address your needs. Sign up for a free consultation with one of our solar experts.

2. Consultation
We explain the state and federal tax credits for you and show the design that will save you money from day one.

3. Installation
Feel confident that you’ll have the best solar experience, today and for years to come. Industry-best combined power and product warranty.