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Service Engineer


EmPower seeks an engineer (or experienced technician) to lead the Service Field Teams and support Service Project Managers as the primary “problem solver” of the Service Department.  This individual, working side by side with Service Project Managers (who are the primary client point of contact), will answer questions and oversee, or personally perform, repairs to solar and battery energy storage systems.  This position is estimated to be 70% office, supporting team members, and 30% personally onsite performing or overseeing activities.  Project types range from small residential to multi megawatt commercial/industrial projects.  The ideal individual is a quick learner, excited to dig into manuals and learn everything there is to know about a system, capable of reading and sketching electrical diagrams, extremely knowledgeable and proficient with all aspects of computer operation and usage, capable of building and interpreting spreadsheets, has solid communication skills, able to lead teams, is patient and persistent.


  • Core Role, Problem Solving – Act as the primary “problem solver” on the service team, focusing on identification and fixing the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Perform research/study and prepare as necessary to determine the most efficient strategies to enable field Service personnel fix issues as quickly as possible and proceed to the next job site.  Call third party tech support (if needed) ahead of time on behalf of the field teams.
  • Core Role, Field Team Management/Leadership – As the direct report for the Field Service Crews, oversee field team work performance. Empower Field team members as your onsite hands and eyes to fix problems or overcome challenges.  Sample activities include but are not limited to:  Track daily location and progress as they proceed from site to site, speak or video call with crew on each job site, audit all pictures as they are received, audit “Work Orders” completed by field crews at each job site, give official approval for the team to move to the next job site or end the work day, etc.  Review and approve work hours.
  • Core Role, Root Cause Analysis & Fixing, Innovation – For EVERY issue, perform a root cause analysis / assessment and suggest or implement upgrade / training and system fixes / modification to ensure that the problem never occurs again.  This is central to the success of EmPower Solar as a company and a core function of the Service Department.
  • Support Director of Customer Experience – Act as the technical lead of the Customer Service Dept. working alongside the Dir. of CX who is the client-facing communication lead of the department. The engineer / tech will be referring escalated client issues and sensitive conversations to the Dir. of CX to handle. 
  • Job Prep, Tools & Materials – Ensure service crews have all the tools and equipment they need to perform desired jobs.  Assist with service vehicle inspection and stocking.
  • Pre Departure Huddle – Personally speak prior to departure each morning before they leave the warehouse and head to their first job sites.
  • PM Team Support – Answer questions and assist Service Project Managers as they respond to customer emails and phone calls daily.
  • Direct Onsite Work – Personally go to the job site as necessary to work directly with your field crews (teaching, coaching, etc.) and oversee or perform advanced troubleshooting or technical work.  This is estimated to be 30% of the time.
  • EmForce & File System Accuracy – Ensure that all electronic records are accurate and up to date at all times, including online file systems and EmForce (Salesforce) records.
  • Emergency Work – Oversee or perform occasional emergency work after hours or on weekends, should the situation require urgent response and action.
  • Technologies – Become proficient in all aspects of troubleshooting and operation of photovoltaic and battery energy storage systems including but not limited to: roof and ground mounted solar arrays, solar inverters & electrical equipment, data monitoring systems, residential and commercial battery systems, etc.
  • Quote Generation Support – Support Service Project Manager in accurately quoting Service Channel work.
  • Project Size – Projects range from small residential to large multi-megawatt commercial/industrial systems including switchgear operation, switchgear relay operation, etc.
  • Special Projects & Advanced Research – Support team and management overseeing other special projects or duties as requested.
  • Dept. Meeting & Daily Scheduling – Participate in daily department meetings & forward schedule/project planning of the service crews. (Ex: crew size, expertise appropriate for job, etc.)
  • Special Inspection Liaison – Act as primary representative overseeing third-party inspection picture requests, and overseeing remedies (if necessary), such as NYSERDA or electrical inspection failures, etc.


  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Ex. Electrical/Electronic, Computer Science, Mechanical, etc), OR
    Demonstrated senior technical level experience and capabilities.
  • Preference given to individuals with NABCEP or other solar/electrician/computer certifications.
  • Willing to work early, late or emergency hours as necessary to fulfill the mission of the department.
  • Comfortable working at high elevations, with a ladder and on sloped roofs.
  • Has advanced computer usage and networking skills.
  • Excellent personnel relations and interpersonal skills.
  • Highly organized with exceptional attention to detail skills.
  • Owns a vehicle with a valid driver’s license with a clean driving record.


EmPower Field Service Teams and Installers do not have the ability to work remotely.  As such, and as an integral member of this team, this is a full “in the office” or “at the jobsite” position.  This individual shall begin work daily at the warehouse when the crew picks up their trucks every morning at or before 7am, or whatever time is necessary to enable the team to arrive at the first jobsite by 8am.  It is estimated that 70% of work will be performed at the warehouse side by side with the Service PM’s and Director of Customer Experience, and 30% in the field.  Workdays typically last about 8 to 9 hours per day, with a 30-minute lunch break. 


Pay rate is commensurate with background and experience.  Target starting annual compensation is $60 to $85k or more per year, or more with highly qualified candidates.  Compensation will be increased with time in service and strong performance.  EmPower offers a 401k plan and matches the first 4%.  Additional benefits include medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and other programs. 


  • EmPower Solar is a fast growing solar energy company and alternative energy company that is a leader in the region.
  • Solar energy is one of the fastest growing industries in the country and throughout the world.
  • Working for EmPower will provide hands-on solar energy education and training under the guidance of engineers and energy management professionals. EmPower’s team has several NABCEP certified solar professionals.
  • Support for outside training and professional development is available.
  • A job at EmPower gives you an opportunity to be an environmental leader.
  • Opportunity for career advancement within EmPower Solar.


Interested personnel shall complete an online application at this link.


EmPower Solar’s main warehouse and service operations are located in Farmingdale, NY. EmPower is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity in the workplace. Additional information about EmPower is available at or email

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