Community Solar

Community Solar
Now available in: Long Island & New York City 

Community Solar enables all PSEGLI and ConEd customers to reduce their electric costs by providing virtual access to renewable energy production. 

EmPower’s new Community Solar Program:
Connects homeowners to a community solar project hosted in their neighborhood. It also offers owners of large buildings to generate revenue by hosting a community solar project on their site.

You can visit our community solar focused sister-company, Solar Ex at this web address:

We do this by providing:
1.  Project Financing
2.  Engineering, Procurement, Construction
3.  Subscriber Acquisition & Management

Community solar consists of one central solar array which is virtually connected to ten or more "subscribers". The energy produced by the array offsets the utility bills of subscribers. Subscribers are often those who aren't able to install solar panels on their own property for a variety of reasons including: 
  • No roof space or shaded roof space
  • Older roof or wrong roofing material
  • Condo / Co-op board rules
  • Municipal zoning codes prohibitive of solar
Sign up to be a Subscriber
Immediate financial savings
Pay as you go options
Access benefits of clean energy even if can't install on your own property
Support healthier communities 
Sign up to be a Host Site
Receive rent payments for your roof, land, parking lot
Create new income stream
Host clean power plant 
Contribute to regional economy
Support healthier communities
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