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Community Solar New York

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Community solar programs on Long Island and in New York City enable all PSEG LI and ConEd customers to reduce their electric costs by subscribing to a solar project in their community and virtually offsetting their bill with renewable energy. It also enables owners of large properties to generate revenue by hosting a community solar project on their rooftop, parking lot, or open space.

How does the New York Community Solar Program Work?

Community distributed generation (CDG), or shared solar, consists of one central solar array which is virtually connected to ten or more “subscribers”. The energy produced by the array offsets the utility bills of subscribers. Subscribers are often those who aren’t able to install solar panels on their own property for a variety of reasons including:

  • No roof space or shaded roof space
  • Older roof or incompatible roofing material
  • Condo/co-op board rules
  • Municipal zoning codes prohibitive of solar

Community Solar Near You

While solar power is most readily available to homeowners with ideal property and roof conditions, we believe that it should be accessible to all.

We are proud to have installed the first community solar project on Long Island in December 2017, and have continued to partner with local businesses to help our communities access clean, renewable energy and save on their electric bills.

Community Solar Coming to Grumman Studios

Formerly the Apollo Lunar Module assembly plant, Grumman Studios, creatively repurposed as a world class movie and TV production facility, continues a local legacy of innovation through the adoption of solar power and battery storage.

This 4500 panel 3MW system will allow Grumman Studios to pass clean energy savings on to Long Island residents and businesses.

Become a part of Long Island history and save on your electric bill when you enroll in this community solar project.

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Grumman Studios, Bethpage NY entrance

Currently Accepting PSEG LI Subscribers

In partnership with a local Holbrook, NY business we have developed a commercial-scale 2MW project to service PSEG Long Island customers through community solar.

The project is currently open to subscribers. You can expect to save 10% on your monthly electric bill, with no upfront costs and no cancellation fees. The project is anticipated to fill up quickly due to the high demand for affordable energy, so reserve your spot today.

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  • Immediate financial savings
  • Pay-as-you go options
  • Access benefits of clean energy even if you can’t install on your own property
  • Support healthier communities
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Solar Panels Located in New York Community

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Host Sites

  • Monetize your roof, land, or parking lot
  • Create a new income stream
  • Build a low cost + clean power plant
  • Contribute to a regional economy
  • Support healthier communities
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New York Community Solar Program Solar Array

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