Electric Cars

Electric Cars + Solar 

Solar on your roof can effectively charge your Electric Vehicle.
 It's a match made in heaven. 
You can save $813 per year from charging your EV with solar compared to owning a traditional car.
Conventional Car Assumptions 
12,000 miles per year  
25 miles per gallon
$3 per gallon
$0.12 per mile
$1,445 per year
Electric Vehicle Assumptions
12,000 miles per year
350 watt hours per mile
4,216 kWh per year
PSEG-LI $0.21 per kilowatt hour
$885 per year
Electric Vehicle + Solar  
12,000 miles per year
$0.15per kWh ($0 down loan)
$0.05 per mile
$632 per year
Choosing the best electric car. 
Chevrolet Bolt
BMWi 3
Tesla Model S
Charging Your Vehicle

      AC Level 1 Charging 
Cord and Plug connected
Single-phase 120 V, up to 16A (1.9 kW)
8-16 hours required for full charge

AC Level 2 Charging 
Wired to individual branch circuit
Single-phase 208 V or 240 V, up to 80 A (19.2 kW)
4-6 hours required for a full charge

DC Fast Charging 
200 - 500 V DC, up to 80 A (40 kW)
Less than 1 hour required for a full charge
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EV + Solar

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