The EmPowering Way

The EmPowering Way is a phrase that describes our philosophy and approach to business. The key operating principles of the EmPowering Way Philosophy are:

Professionalism, Teamwork, Excellence, Client Focus, Commitment to Clean Energy

EmPower's goal is to demonstrate respect, courtesy, integrity and responsibility in our dealings with colleagues, clients, partners, collaborators and competitors. Our level of professionalism is constant regardless of circumstance. In fact, challenging circumstances reveal the depth and strength of our professionalism. 

Teamwork drives EmPower's success. We are an interdependent organization that constantly seeks ways to improve teamwork through communication, cooperation and collaboration. We value different backgrounds and perspectives and recognize that diversity leads to a stronger organization. Each department and each person has an essential role to play in the overall firm's performance. To the outside world, we are single integrated entity, each employee a representative of the EmPowering Way.

We strive for excellence in everything we do as people and as a company. Our mission can only be fulfilled by providing the highest quality products and services. Furthermore, excellence is a passion.

Client Focus
Client focus is central to the EmPowering Way. By constantly asking the question "what is in our clients' best interests" we are geared towards providing the best solutions for them. Additionally, providing top notch customer service is a key component of Client Focus, and it is vital to the success of our company.  

Commitment to Clean Energy
The root motivation to EmPower is because the current fossil fuel based energy system is anti-empowering. Fossil fuel consumption is: 1) a national and economic security threat because it transfers wealth to resource rich countries/governments, and; 2) an environmental threat because it causes pollution and global warming. These are grave threats that must be and can be addressed. EmPower is determined to provide solutions to these challenges by promoting and deploying clean energy technologies. Together, we are EmPowering the clean energy revolution.
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