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Solar Panel Cost for Long Island & NYC

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Cost + Savings

How much do solar panels cost in New York + Long Island?

The cost of an average solar system on Long Island or in New York City ranges between $20,000-40,000 before incentives. On a cost per watt basis, it ranges between $2.92 to $4.20 per watt. Equipment, permitting, installation, service, and maintenance are all included in your custom-designed EmPower Solar panel package. For $0 down you can benefit from immediate savings on your electric bill and expect to save upwards of $100,000 over the life of your solar system.

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What determines solar panel cost?

Our in-house design team will consider several key factors in order to design and size your custom solar panel system, which ultimately determines the final cost for solar panels and installation.

Cost Factor

Average Electricity Usage

The amount of electricity that you use on a daily basis affects how much power your home solar system will need to produce. The average home on Long Island or in NYC spends $250 on electricity. If your home uses more than $500 worth of electricity every month, we’ll design a larger system to match.

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Cost Factor

Roof Space + Orientation

A larger roof will provide more space for solar panels, and a south-facing roof will produce more electricity than if it were facing east or west, and will require fewer panels to produce the same amount of energy.

Cost Factor


Shade from nearby trees and buildings can affect the amount of sunlight hitting your roof, affecting the amount of energy your solar panels are able to produce. If your roof is heavily shaded you may require additional solar panels to produce enough energy.

Cost Factor

Panel Preference

Most solar panels range from 300 to 415 watts per panel. We offer 370, 400, 410, and 415 watt high-efficiency solar panels. A higher wattage panel will produce more energy.

Ownership + Financing Options

When determining how to finance your solar panel system, you should consider income, credit score, and lifetime value of the system. We offer a variety of options to ensure that we provide the best solution for you.


By financing your system, you can switch to solar for $0 down. Partner with one of our select financing providers for a low-interest loan with term options between 5 and 15 years.


Own your solar panel system and appreciate significant lifetime savings with a return on investment between 4 and 7 years.


A 25-year lease is a budget-friendly option for those looking to benefit from solar energy. SunPower owns the panels while you benefit from the savings and guaranteed service from our 25-year warranty.


Finance Purchase Lease
Price Range $10,000 – $25,000 final cost $10,000 – $25,000 final cost N/A
Down Payment $0 down In-Full $0 down
Instant Electric Bill Savings 20% – 30% 100% 20% – 30%
Ownership You You SunPower
Payment Terms Between 5 and 25 years None 25 years
Monthly Payments Fixed low payments None Fixed low payments
Tax Credits Up to $5,000 NYS Tax Credit
30% Federal Tax Credit
Up to $5,000 NYS Tax Credit
30% Federal Tax Credit
Up to $5,000 NYS tax credit
Service and Maintenance Yes Yes Yes
Energy Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
25-Year Warranty Yes Yes Yes

Solar Panel Cost FAQs

How much do solar panels cost in NY?

In New York, the cost of solar projects is typically between $10,000 and $25,000 depending on preference and energy needs. Cost varies based on regional incentives, system size, aesthetic preferences, energy needs, and local codes, among other factors.

How much money will I save with solar panels?

A solar system will pay for itself in just 4-7 years if the homeowner purchases them with cash. A homeowner who finances or leases their system can expect immediate savings and upwards of $100,000 over the life of their system.

Do I qualify for New York tax credits with solar panels?

The federal government, NYS, and NYC all have unique incentives available to go solar. For most of our clients, the incentives can cover up to 50% or more of the total system cost.

Should I buy or lease my solar panels?

We’re here to inform you of all your options. We’ll explain the ins and outs of each payment method and provide guidance as you decide what’s best for your home.

Is solar worth it in NY?

The short answer? Yes. In fact, New York ranks in the top 10 states for installed solar capacity. Based on the average cost of NY utilities, a typical solar power system will pay for itself in approximately seven years. New York residents who install rooftop solar panels also qualify for the federal Renewable Energy tax credit, equal to 26% for systems placed in service between 12/31/19 and 1/1/23, as well as NYS solar tax credits. The personal tax credit in New York is about 25% of the cost of your system up to $5,000.