LIPA weighing a 'solar tax' on new home installations - EmPower Solar

LIPA weighing a ‘solar tax’ on new home installations

Industry leaders – including our CEO David Schieren- speak out against PSC and LIPA’s proposed ‘Customer Benefit Contribution’ (CBC), which is essentially a tax on solar customers.

The New York Solar Energy Industries Association (NYSEIA), of which David is VP, released a statement of opposition yesterday regarding the CBC. EmPower Solar stands alongside NYSEIA and other industry stakeholders in opposing the CBC.

We continue to be involved in policy action as our employees advocate for clean energy from local roles of leadership, with our COO, Gregory Sachs, serving as Chair of the LI Interconnection Working Group and Director of Customer Experience + Stakeholder Relations, Tara McDermott, serving as LISSA Chair.

Read more at Newsday. Reporting by Mark Harrington.