New York lawmakers, industry group seek to halt "solar tax" on rooftop systems - EmPower Solar

New York lawmakers, industry group seek to halt “solar tax” on rooftop systems

New York policymakers and solar industry groups are calling on LIPA and the state to rethink the proposed “Customer Benefit Contribution” (CBC) charge, or solar tax.

Key Points:

  • The solar tax would increase the monthly electric bill of every homeowner who makes the switch to solar.
  • The solar tax will hurt the local economy and opposes the clean energy goals set forth by NYS.
  • Public hearings will be conducted this month as LIPA prepares to adopt the charge in December. LIPA is not required by the state to adopt the charge.
  • NYSEIA plans to file a legal petition with the PSC to delay the January 1st start date while requesting that the PSC reconsider the statewide policy.

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