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Solar Ready Home Building Considerations

Building Solar Ready

Early planning and incorporating solar-ready concepts at the beginning of your new build design can have a big impact when it comes to long-term savings and system performance. In some places like New York City, this is a requirement for new construction. Continue reading to learn some key considerations that are required for a home to be considered solar-ready.

What Is a Solar Ready Home or Commercial Building?

A solar-ready home or commercial building is when a home or commercial site is built with the intention of eventually installing a solar energy system. This means that specific characteristics of the home or commercial building are built, added, or avoided to facilitate the future installation of solar panels that will provide optimum solar energy.

Solar Ready Homes

When working with an architect or builder, request that your home is designed to be solar ready so that your system can be installed optimally, blending in well with your home’s aesthetics while providing significant savings on your electric bill.

Here are a few key solar solution design principles:

  • Ensure that the main roof is facing south at an optimal orientation (180 degrees, 30-degree pitch).
  • Group obstructions, like chimneys and vents, near one another on a north roof or near the ridge, leaving maximum open roof space for solar panels.
  • Avoid peaks and dormers, which can disrupt the solar array.

Learn more “solar ready” design principles in our 10-page guidance document. Click here to download the guide.

Solar Ready Commercial Buildings

Commercial builders can also plan for solar by carefully considering roof surfaces, leaving ample space for a solar-ready electrical panel, and consulting a solar expert during the design phase to maximize their energy production and monetary savings.

Requirements for new construction within New York City have recently been updated, requiring new buildings to include a sustainable roofing system with a solar array, green roof, or combination of the two the city’s green initiatives. Click here to read more about those solar solutionrequirements.

NYC Solar Mandate: Local Law 92 & 94

(Effective 11/15/19)
NYC 2019 Bulletin
NYC Official Bill: Local Law 92 & 94
NYC Facts: Impact & Specifics for Solar and Green Roofs
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Zero Energy Ready Home Partner

The US Department of Energy (DOE) Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) offers a superior homeownership experience through outstanding levels of energy savings, comfort, and durability. A ZERH is so energy efficient that a renewable energy system can offset all or most of its annual energy consumption using cutting-edge technologies combined with solar-ready design. EmPower Solar is proud to be included among the nation’s top companies who have certified homes that exceed ZERH guidelines for excellence in performance and energy efficiency.

Zero Energy Ready Home

United Way’s Award-Winning ZERH

In October 2016 United Way of Long Island was recognized, for a second year running, as one of the nation’s top builders as the Grand Winner in the Affordable Home category of the DOE Housing Innovation Awards. EmPower Solar was proud to engineer and install a high performance 6.87 kilowatt solar power system at the award-winning Patchogue home, helping provide 100% of its electrical needs.

Commitment to Resilient Communities

Our region was devastated when Superstorm Sandy ripped through our neighborhoods, but we’re here to help rebuild right, rebuild resilient, and rebuild solar ready. Our engineering teams are available to consult on solar ready designs, and our outreach team is available to present to architects, engineers, builders, and developer organizations about the principles of designing solar ready.

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Request a Presentation for Your Organization