Solar Panel Installations in Fresh Meadows

Installing high performance solar systems in NYC since 2003.

Go solar for $0 down
Start saving from day one
Pay 14 cents/kWh before tax credit *
Save over $20,000 over 20 years
NYC residents also get $5,000 state tax credit and NYC Property Tax Abatement
Increase the resale value of your home
Easily transferable to a new homeowner

Solar Panel Installation in Fresh Meadows
"I'm sending this note just to say thank you. Every since our first contact, you have been nothing but gracious, helpful, and extremely competent in all you have done for us. You have been incredibly easy to work with. So much so, that I actually look forward to our contacts. Your offer to come to my house last Friday for the ConEd inspection, to enable me to leave and make it to work on time was just another example of your professionalism and innate kindness."
- Stuart B., Fresh Meadows, NYC
"Mr. McDonnell was very patient. Karl did a phenomenal job on the squirrel guards in front of the house. Michael Dunn and his crew were very professional and courteous. Thank you! Despite the new FDNY codes, the installation process went well." - Urit Booncome, Fresh Meadows, NYC

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Solar for Fresh Meadows

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