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EmPower Solar weighs in on what we’ve seen our clients do when they move after going solar. Read more about it in the NY Real Estate Journal here.

Over 40+ of our clients have sold their solar panel homes, and many of them have gone solar again in their new homes! If your solar system is through a lease or a loan, we help you seamlessly transfer the system over to the new homeowner

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Did you know? Over 30,000 Long Island homes have solar panels and over hundreds are currently for sale. Do you know how to sell your client’s solar-powered home for more?

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Solar Agent:

  • Help your clients sell their solar-powered homes for ABOVE asking price.
  • Protect your buyers by being knowledgeable about all types of solar contract terms.
  • Once certified, earn up to $500 for each client you sign up for solar!

Did You Know?

1/25 homes on Long Island have solar panels and 1.5% of homes for sale on Long Island have solar panels.

Do you know how to help your seller get top dollar when selling their solar powered home?

According to third party studies, and solar assessment tools, an owned solar system can add $15,000 on average to the value of the home. The value is tied mostly to the size of the system and the type of panels / financing option chosen by the original homeowner.

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“The first thing I plan on doing when I move into my new house is to install another solar system. I couldn’t have been happier to have worked with EmPower.” – Ed C. Huntington, NY

When Ed sold his home, his realtor put the home’s electric bills out during the open house and the home was sold for $30,000 above asking price!