Gregory D. Sachs - EmPower Solar

Gregory D. Sachs

Greg leads and oversees company operations with a focus on company infrastructure, processes, and post-contract endeavors including engineering, construction, service, and company support. Together, Greg and CEO, David are realizing EmPower Solar’s vision of a more prosperous, healthy, and civil world powered by renewable energy.


As a licensed Professional Engineer in NYS, Greg also signs and seals electrical and structural schematics. Greg is Chair of the Long Island Interconnection Working Group and is one of the few industry representatives on the NYS Interconnection Technical Working Group.


As an ‘astronaut like’ candidate, Greg was accepted into NASA’s Human Exploration Research Analog program. In January 2018 at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Greg was Commander of a two month simulated space mission. Mission results fed into present and future NASA missions such as Mars, the International Space Station, lunar base, etc.


Prior to EmPower Solar, Greg taught electrical and mechanical engineering at the US Merchant Marine Academy. There Greg co-founded and managed the Alternative Power Program and the Kings Point Sustainability Association. After graduating from the USMMA in 1999, Greg attended Navy Nuclear Power School and held multiple management and teaching positions as a Nuclear Engineer at Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory.


Greg completed a Master of Science in System Engineering & Management at MIT. Greg’s focus was the design and development of ‘impossibly complex’ systems, such as the electricity grid. Greg’s thesis is on building “smart grid” architectures supporting increased penetration of ‘non-dispatchable’ RE resources.


Greg is formerly the co-chair of the IEEE Long Island Power & Energy Society, and Secretary/Chair of the Technical Committee for the Long Island Solar Energy Industries Association (LISEIA). Greg is a NABCEP Certified Photovoltaic Installer. Greg moderates and lectures on Solar & RE topics; engagements include the NSPE, IEEE Power & Energy Society (for CEU’s), SUNY Stony Brook, the Nassau Bar Association, and other universities.